Our core business at Rays of Hope Community Development Project a model of the Mombasa Rays of Hope women Project is listening to and understanding what the community needs are and providing the necessary network and advocacy which creates sustainable models and volunteer tasks/programs to improve live hoods of vulnerable members.

Being a non-profit women led organization, we champion for feminism in leadership and transformational development because, “an empowered woman is an empowered society while without youths, tomorrow is at limbo”. Our layman foundation was in the year 2018 after realizing the strength of a women in frontiering for development through business trainings, administration and resource mobilization.

In such a wakening, the women’s, and the youth’s collective responsibility led to the great community initiative that includes other stakeholders that are devoted to the same purpose of serving the vulnerable members in our community.

Our Vision

“Hope Beyond Vulnerability”


Frontiering for feminism and the youths in community leadership and transformational development that create sustainable models to improve live hoods.

Our Location

We are currently located in Mombasa County, Likoni sub-county, Timbwani Ward.

A fifteen minutes’ drive from the famous Likoni Ferry crossing to the South Coast region, heading to Diani beaches.

Concurrently, we do have individual child sponsoring, family strengthening and women business training programs happening in Kakamega and Busia , in the Western region of Kenya.

What we do

We champion for positive change in both behavioral and transformal development in our community through;

(i) Scanning and mapping of community’s both immediate and long-term needs and models to help in the creation of appropriate programs and volunteer tasks.

(ii) Collaboration with both individuals and other social projects to provide strong data base and on site working space for resource mobilization, networking and advocacy to salvage, sustain and improve live hoods of the persons in need.

Our Objectives

(i) Promotion of education through individual child sponsorship in the community through teaching programs, materials support and school and college sponsorship.

(ii) Women and girl child empowerment through business trainings, market networks, microfinance, mentorship and material support (Economic justice).

(iii)Promotion of good nutrition through awareness, feeding programs in schools and orphanages and family strengthening basic needs support programs.

(iv) Creating effective and efficient home based care for the elderly needy women through volunteer tasks and Good Samaritan attachments.

(v) Promotion of vocational life skills center that provides skills in the locally available trades, i.e. tailoring, computer knowledge, baking, bead work, hair dressing etc.

(vi) Sports and talent promotion through partnerships and networks for material, services and economic support to improve and create a standard platform for prosperity, sustainability and exposure.

(vii) Spiritual promotion through spiritual guiding and counselling, community evangelism for peace drives, youth and women camps for spiritual development and growth.

(viii) Promotion of good healthcare practices through community dialogues, individual health covers, referrals for medical attention, volunteer tasks in medical camps, learning materials and cds, health campaigns and awareness.

(ix) Sanitation, water and hygiene through community awareness, wash activities, resources mobilization for water boreholes and storage equipment, garbage collection and management in collaboration with youth groups.

(x) Promotion of sanitary towels distribution to vulnerable girls and women to present usage of unhygienic materials that cause infections and positive cohesion from male counterparts.

(xi) Promotion of women in art and culture through marketing of their products both online and one on one as we encourage quality production and economic sustainability.

(xii) Promotion of community family strengthening programs through household basic needs support and sustainability within the community.

(xiii) Promotion of eco-ethics tours to develop culture and heritage both in Mombasa and the famous safaris.

(xiv) Promotion of feminism in leadership roles within our community to accelerate development and peaceful co-existence.

(xv) Identifying and promoting building, renovation and painting of facilities and structures for both needy social projects and vulnerable households.

(xvi) Establishment of a social Centre for on-site data base and task in promotion of child care and support through working with individual households, orphanages and placement of volunteer tasks.

Social project volunteer fields.

The project has got several field that need volunteer tasks to fulfil our purpose.

Volunteer has to willingly choose the appropriate field for value addition with the guidance of staffs onsite, the volunteer is also able to navigate through the process with a lot of ease.

The fields include;

(i) Childcare and daycare.

(ii) Women and girl child empowerment.


(iv) Health and nutrition.

(v) Sanitation water and hygiene.

(vi) Art and culture.

(vii) Sports and talent.

(viii) Internships.

(ix) Youth empowerment.

(x) Family strengthening and household sponsorships.

(xi) Home based care for vulnerable elderly women.

(xii) Spiritual and church based.

(xiii) Eco-ethic tour and travel.

(xiv) Community activities and engagements.

(xv) Reproductive health education and sanitary towels program.

(xvi) Building and renovation.

The fields are open throughout the year apart from minimal adjustments according to the volunteer application. We cordially invite volunteers to participate in community programs majorly as motivators, mentors and resource mobilizers to improve live hoods. One gets a chance to volunteer in charity wrapped with dignity hence embracing humanity.