At Rays of hope, we have brought together every approachable member of the community owing to the dynamics of human life and the needs of our people. Our partners and collaborators include the community as a vital nuclear bond that strengthens our purpose.

They include;

(i) Churches.

(ii) Schools.

(iii)Beach management team (shelly).

(iv) Women and girls groups or initiatives.

(v) Orphanages.

(vi) Family households.

(vii) Legal institutions.

(viii) Health facilities.

(ix) Community sports teams.

(x) Art and culture groups.

(xi) Youth groups.

(xii) Village – Rural marginalized set-ups.

However, we remain thankful and grateful to God for bring the following people into our circle. They have really played a vital role in ensuring this course is successful. their selfless and formidable support will never go unmentioned.

  1. Vicki Poole (Ubuntu Connection)

All the way from America. Imagine how many countries are in between to reach us here in Kenya. We have all time enjoyed her act of velour in supplying our girls with computers for ICT training. Thru her, Rays of Hope has been able to train close to 150 youths in ICT skills. they are now able to stand exclusively in the job market. There is nothing big enough to pay this. All we ask is that God may Bless you abundantly . May your cup overflow.