Get involved

Due to numerous activities that we carry out here at Rays of Hope, we have made it open for both local and international volunteers to help in the day to day running of the organization or support in any that given form. Volunteership can take any form as elaborated below. we remain grateful to those souls that have devoted their time, energy, finance and love towards The Rays of Hope Community.


  1. Child Care
  2. Health And Nutrition
  3. Sports And Talent
  4. Women Empowerment
  5. ICT trainer
  6. life skills coach
  7. Community Health experts
  8. Community Development experts
  9. International relation experts
  10. Resources mobilizer
  11. Counselling psychologist
  12. Teachers
  13. Spiritual lecturer


  1. Food stuffs
  2. Stationaries
  3. Clothing and shoes
  4. Bedding and linen
  5. Bang beds
  6. Solar panels and biogas installations
  7. Laptops/computers
  8. Household items
  9. Tents for camps
  10. Education sponsorship (school fees)
  11. Medicines
  12. First aid kits
  13. Sports and talent equipments and items.
  14. Financial support
  15. School supplies and uniforms
  16. Used vehicles (school bus and office vans)
  • Construction And Renovation
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Education


  1. Students from colleges and universities.
    1. Families (father, mother, children).
    2. Travelers around the world.
    3. Working class persons, businessmen/women, researchers.
    4. Tourists.
    5. Company retreats.
    6. Retirees (old men and women).
    7. Professionals.


  1. Mombasa city tours (Pembe za ndovu, Fort Jesus and Bamburi nature trail.
    1. Eco village tours( Bombolulu workshop)
    2. Eco tours to Mamba village, Diani beaches, Tsavo national park, Masai Mara National park, the Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary, camel riding, fishing expeditions at Msambweni
    3. Swahili speaking lessons, culture, dressing and Swahili dishes.
    4. Environmental education tours and participation.
    5. Trade fair and exhibitions (akamba hand craft and Diani artworks, visit to Mombasa culture market).

Kindly note that these activities are chargeable at volunteer`s own cost according to his/her preference, as guided by the administration.


  • We provide a variety of locally available meals and also accommodate vegetarians on site. We give a package of breakfast, lunch and supper.
  • The availability of and equipped kitchen gives the volunteer the privilege to make their preferred meals like coffee, hot water e.t.c.
  • Preferably we have aliased with local beach hotels within our vicinity where a volunteer can have meals at their own costs.


On arrival of the volunteer, they are picked-up from the Airport or standard gauge railway (SGR) by our staffs and report directly to the Rays of Hope Community Development Project office for registration.

They are placed in;

  1. Volunteer hostels or rooms.
    1. Home stays.
    2. Other onsite social projects in interest.
    3. Economy class hotels within the vicinity.
    4. Host families.

The accommodation placement is well planned by the programme manager according to the volunteer needs.


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