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The program creates a networking web amongst people living with HIV /AIDS in collaboration with other social projects and stakeholders championing for their physical, psychological, spiritual, socioeconomic and material empowerment.

We develop an elaborate data base of participants grouping them into individual households, hence inclusion of every member of the identified  households, then eventual follow-ups and referrals where need be.

We Partner with the health facility with its network of community health workers who have been trained to work with the community and have mandate over the assigned households.

 We have several activities and implementations that one can participate and help bring the change we need.

They include;

  1. HIV/AIDS campaigns and awareness within the community.
  2. Caregivers’ educational seminars and conferences on prevention and protection.
  3. Guiding and counselling, referrals for testing and team work support.
  4. Basic needs support to improve good nutrition and personal wellbeing.
  5. Programmed individual household visits for care and companionship.
  6. Implementation of sustainable income generating projects to sustain the households.

Join us in our best intension of creating a home of hope for generations, improving livehoods of our vulnerable people with collective responsibility. Let’s stop stigmatization, GBV, sexual abuse, insecurity and bad health practices to salvage our precious women, girls and children

There is hope beyond living with HIV/AIDS. “Together we can make the needed difference.”

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